Snapshot Report

The Snapshot Report is a one-page analysis intended for job seekers. The unemployment rate and unemployed data is seasonally adjusted. It is based on the people living in the region, meaning they can be working in any county.

The “Employers” box shows the top 10 employers who have the highest number of postings. These can be for any position within the company.

The “Education/Training Levels” box is a summary of all online job postings in the region. This is helpful to the job seeker to see how various education backgrounds can have more (or less) job opportunities. The percentage sum does not add to 100% because there are postings for occupations that cannot be categorized by education level. Either the occupation is listed as “unclassified” or it is for a general grouping of occupations, rather than a specific job title.

The “Occupations” box shows the top 10 occupations that have the highest number of postings. The wages are not for the postings; instead they are based on the median hourly wage for workers of that occupation in your region. This is helpful in that it shows the possible median hourly wage in each of the occupations.
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