Workforce Demand

The Workforce Demand report uses job spidering data provided by CWIA, which is a technology that gathers online job postings from numerous sources including Monster, Career Builder, government job boards, and employer job boards.

In the report, you will see a comparison of online job postings to the unemployed population, postings by industry sector and occupational grouping, and postings by employer and specific job title. While the job spidering technology does a great job of finding the job postings and removing the duplicates, there is no guarantee that the job openings are real. The fact that the validity of the postings cannot be guaranteed is footnoted in the report.

In conjunction with other monthly reports – labor market status, unemployment rate rankings, and economic outlook – you can use this to gauge the health of your local economy.
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2015 Workforce Demand

January's Workforce Demand is unavailable due to benchmarking and geographic revisions

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