Children & Youth

The Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth, under Pennsylvania law, is mandated to investigate all reports of suspected abuse, neglect, or dependency of children from birth to age 18 in Montgomery County. Our professional staff investigate reports made to our office and work with families, when appropriate, to address conditions which adversely affect a child’s care. Our staff work with families directly and also coordinate services with community resources to improve family conditions. In-home services, placement services, and adoption services are integral to our child protective service function.

Mandated & Permissive Reporters

Whether you are someone required by law to report suspected child abuse (mandated reporter) or someone able and encouraged but not required by law to report suspected child abuse (permissive reporter), take action when you have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse.
· If the child is in immediate danger call 911
· File an electronic report of suspected child abuse at
· Call ChildLine (800) 932-0313 and complete a CY 47, (only if you cannot file electronically)
· Notify your Administrator, Principal, Director, Etc.

Montgomery County District Attorney’s Added Mandate
· Notify the local police department
Are you a Mandated or Permissive Reporter in need of training?
Go to
· Free 3-hour on-line course
· Provides info on recognition of child maltreatment
· Provides info on your obligation or opportunity to report suspicions of abuse
· Details procedures for making a report of child maltreatment
· Meets Act 31 training requirements
· Meets Act 126 training requirements

If you still have questions about Child Abuse reporting, call our office (610) 278-5800.