Youth and Young Adults

The Commerce Department provides a variety of programs for youth and young adults to help find training, educational, and employment opportunities. 
MontcoWorks Youth Services 


The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) offers services and activities to qualifying youth and young adult participants, between 14 to 24 years old across Montgomery County. Participants engage in year round activities where they gain workplace readiness skills, obtain occupational skills certifications, and participate in paid work experience that will build a well-rounded resume and experiences to prepare them for trending careers in our region or postsecondary education. The overall goal of the MontcoWorks Youth Services is to deliver highly sought after opportunities to youth and young adults that advance their chances of gaining a career of their choice in a competitive workforce. 

Services and activities are funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).
Key components of MontcoWorks Youth Services are:
Workforce Readiness
Career Exploration

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)


TANF Youth Development Funds are used for youth workforce development programs for eligible youth between five to 18 years of age. After school and summer programs consist of:

  • Homework assistance
  • Developing work skills
  • Entrepreneurial activities
  • Time management
  • Career exploration
  • Financial literacy
  • Life skills development
  • Interpersonal skills development
  • Healthy recreation
  • Civic service projects
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mentorships
  • Leadership and team building development
  • Career awareness focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers
  • College preparation

Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is comprised of community leaders from the business, education, public and private sector who meet quarterly to guide and evaluate program services and outcomes. The Committee reports to MontcoWorks regarding outcomes and program services. 
More information about the Youth Committee