Office of Drug & Alcohol

Mission Statement

The Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs is committed to the prevention and treatment of substance abuse problems in Montgomery County.Services are delivered in partnership with qualified providers, and are guided by a philosophy that embraces hope, respect, and support for recovery.

The Montgomery County Drug and Alcohol Program provides a wide range of drug and alcohol services to county residents.These services fit into three main categories:Prevention, intervention, and treatment.

Each year approximately 6,000 county residents receive drug and alcohol awareness counseling (prevention).In addition, 3,500 residents receive short term counseling (intervention), and 1,500 residents receive ongoing outpatient and inpatient care (treatment), with the primary focus being on attaining and maintaining a drug and alcohol free life.

Prevention and intervention services are provided to the community at large regardless of personal income.

Treatment services require a comprehensive clinical and financial assessment.Trained Case Managers perform these assessments in order to determine the most appropriate funding resource and level of care, and to find the provider best suited to meet an individual’s treatment needs.

Vision Statement

The Montgomery County Drug and Alcohol Program, strives to be seen as a system committed to 'doing it better' each day.

Helpful Resources

Kay McGowan
Deputy Administrator of Drug & Alcohol