Employer of Record

Self-Determination is the belief that one should have choice and control over all aspects of one’s life. This includes affording individuals and their representatives choice and control over the services and supports they receive. To promote this belief, Montgomery County offers the opportunity to individuals to act as the “employer of record” and hire and train their own staff. This is done through our Intermediary Service Organization (ISO), which is Jewish Employment and Vocational Services (JEVS).

Individuals and families who choose this option have specific responsibilities as the “employer of record”. Individuals and families, after choosing this option, will receive an orientation with our ISO. The orientation will cover topics such as, how to be a good employer, payroll and tax requirements, responsibilities of the representative and program reporting requirements.

Listed here are the documents that pertain to the program reporting requirements for individuals/families acting as the employer of record.

Habilitation Certificate Policy
ISO Individual Certificate
Training Form

Family Reporting Progress Policy
Habilitation Progress Note