Supports & Services

The selection of supports and services is the final step in the development of an ISP.The ISP contains identified outcomes for the individual. Supports and services selected by a team must relate to an identified outcome and maintain, enhance or develop skills.The intent of the delivery of any support or service is to assist the individual to achieve the identified outcome.

The Office of Developmental Disabilities, in two separate bulletins, defines supports and services. The bulletins are Developmental Disabilities Bulletin, Number 00-03-12 titled Service Definitions and Procedure Codes for Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Waiver and Base Services, and Developmental Disabilities Bulletin, Number 00-04-10 titled Service Definitions and Procedure Codes for Healthcare Waiver and Base Services. These bulletins identify the type of service eligible for reimbursement and the conditions for the delivery of specific services.

A broad array of supports and services are available to support individuals.These supports and services are defined as follows:

Home and Community Services

An array of services designed to support the unique needs of the individual.This includes Licensed Community Homes (6400 Regulations); Licensed Family Living (6500); Licensed Adult Training Programs (2380 Regulations); Licensed Vocational Services (2390 Regulations); and Habilitation Services, which are designed to assist an individual to gain, maintain and improve skills in the areas of self-care, daily living activities, social skills and to promote involvement in community activities.

Employment Services
Assist an individual to locate and maintain competitive employment.

Specialized Therapies and Related Clinical Services
Services provided by health care and other professionals to enable an individual to increase or maintain their ability to perform activities of daily living.

Respite Services
Provide short-term relief to the primary caregiver as defined by the 6350 Regulations.

Transportation Services
Services are offered to enable an individual to gain access to their community.

Family Support Services
Array of services offered to families to assist them to care for their family member with mental retardation.These services are defined by the 6350 Regulations.

Services and Supports Directory
The Services and Supports Directory is a tool for individuals, their families and their “circle of support” to locate services and service providers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.This directory does not include information on all providers but only those who have chosen to be listed at this time.You can access the Services and Supports Directory at

Types of Funding
Supports and Services are funded through the county program under two types of funding, base and waiver.Base funding is 100% State funds or 90% State and 10% County funds.Waiver funding is a combination of State and Federal funds.There are two types of waivers offered for developmental disabilities services, the consolidated waiver and the person family waiver.To learn more about the waiver program, review “What are waivers?” listed under the Frequently Asked Questions section on this page.