ISP Family Workbook

What is the Individual Support Plan (ISP)?
The Individual Support Plan was developed by the Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) as a single plan to collect relevant information to be used statewide. The Individual Support Plan (ISP) is a working document that can be helpful to you, your family member, and other people in his/her life on an ongoing basis. The ISP is a planning document that provides details about what is important to your family member and you, so that everyone involved in supporting your family member can focus on these areas.

The Individual Support Plan may prove extremely useful in the event of emergency when medical professionals or others require immediate and needed information. This information can also be helpful in making decisions that affect your family member’s life such as: where he/she will live, desired activities, communication needs, how to keep him/her healthy and safe, and what is important to him/her to have a quality life.

Your Role in the ISP Process
It is imperative that everyone who has a role in supporting an individual has his/her voice heard. Information needs to be collected and shared in this one individual plan. Since the plan requires more information than in the past it is necessary to begin gathering and preparing the document prior to the actual plan meeting date. If applicable other team members will also gather information they have about the areas of your family member’s life in which they are involved. All of this information will be shared at the Individual Support Plan meeting.

We have developed Preparing for The Initial ISP: A Family Guide to help you get ready for this process.

It focuses on following areas:
  • Individual Preferences
  • Medical Information
  • Health and Safety
  • Functional Information
  • Services and Supports
  • Financial

The materials collected and documented in the workbook will contribute to a more valuable planning meeting experience, the creation of individual goals and a plan document which will support your family member in meeting his/her needs.

To become more familiar with the details of the Individual Support Plan document, you can explore the document on this website. Individual Support Plan

For subsequent ISPs we have developed Preparing for the Annual Review: A Family Guide to help you update those areas on the ISP that need changing.

Frequently Asked Questions
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