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July 2016 - Pennsylvania

The PA Department of Labor and Industry recently released its Statewide Employment Situation report for July, 2016.

What is the big picture?

PA’s unemployment rate stayed the same during the past month within a shrinking labor force. There are fewer people working, and there are more people actively searching for a job. 

What caused the labor force to Decrease? 

Overall, PA’s labor force decreased (-15,000; -0.2%) during the past month due to a decreasing employed population (-18,000, -0.3%) and an increasing unemployed population (+3,000; +0.8%).

How did the unemployment rate change?

PA’s unemployment rate remained at 5.6%. For comparison, the national rate also did not change (4.9%), but that was within a growing labor force caused by an increasing employed population. 


June 2016 - Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Monthly Change

The unemployment rate decreased during the past month as individuals found jobs in an expanding labor force. An increasing employed population (+1,400) outpaced a decreasing unemployed population (-600), which caused the labor force to grow (+700) and the unemployment rate to fall (-0.2%). 


Annual Change

Similar changes were apparent during the past year. An increasing employed population (+11,000) and an unchanged unemployed population resulted in an enlarged labor force (+11,100) and a reduced unemployment rate (-0.1%). 

Top Jobs in Montgomery County

The Top Jobs in Montgomery County is a yearly report that looks at the “Top Jobs” in the region based on projections over the next 3 years.

Recession Resistant Occupations

The Ranking Occupational Growth Since the Recession in Montgomery County is a new research report that ranks occupational growth since the recession. The goal of this report is to identify occupations that have been the most “recession resistant.”

Monthly Reports

Snapshot Report - The Snapshot Report is a one-page analysis that is intended to assist jobseekers in their search for employment.

Labor Market Summary - The Labor Market Summary is a one-page document that highlights the most important information each month about the Montgomery County labor market.

Labor Market Status - The Labor Market Status report compares the unemployment rate, civilian labor force, employed population, and unemployed population in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and the United States.

Fast Facts - The Fast Facts report shows a quick snapshot of Pennsylvania's labor market and economic datasets such as labor force, unemployment, and industry data.

Economic Outlook - The Montgomery County Economic Outlook serves as an addendum to the Labor Market reports, providing additional information for the Nation, State, and local region.

Unemployment Rate Rankings by County - This report ranks unemployment rates by county and LWIA in Pennsylvania.

Workforce Demand - This report uses Job Spidering data provided by CWIA to compare online job postings to the unemployed population, postings by industry sector and occupational grouping, and postings by employer and specific job title. In conjunction with other monthly reports, you can use this to gauge the health of your local economy.

State Reports - The State Report is released by the PA Department of Labor and Industry and highlights the statewide employment situation.